Do we offer discounts for purchasing multiple boxes? +

Yes, we offer scaled discounts for order quantities over 8 boxes. Please send an email to contact@mattechrome.com for more information.

Can Veil be mounted on a sliding track? +

Yes, however, we do not provide a turnkey solution. We recommend consulting a professional interior designer or architect.

Will Veil yellow over time? +

Veil is manufactured with UV resistant additive in the plastic to help prevent discoloring.

How large can Veil be built? +

Veil is designed to be installed up to 2 meters in height. Please consult a professional designer or architect for larger installations.

Can I see an installed Veil partition in person? +

Yes, you can see samples of the installed Veil at the San Francisco MOMA store, located at 151 3rd Street, San Francisco.

Does Veil come in different colors? +

Currently, Veil only comes in White. If you would like updates on future releases, please join our mailing list.

Can I order Veil in a custom color? +

Yes, we have a minimum order quantity for custom colors. Please email contact@mattechrome.com with your request.

Can Veil be installed outdoors? +

We do not recommend an outdoor installation as Veil could be damaged by weather conditions.

Can veil be taken apart after installation? +

Yes, Veil can be taken apart and rebuilt to your future needs.

How long does it take to build one box of Veil? +

It takes about 30-45 minutes to build one box of Veil. Please note that preparing the hanging attachments (hooks) will require additional time.